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Veterans Warranty

Veterns Warranty

The Essential program is our base coverage package. The Essential program extends coverage to the most critical mechanical parts of your vehicle. Your engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axles, and all internally lubricated parts of these components are covered.

The Essential program also extends coverage to your water pump and thermostat, giving your cooling system necessary protection.

The Essential program covers seals, and gaskets in your intake manifold, and cylinder head.

The Essential program takes your coverage to a whole new industry level by including up to fifty dollars in towing reimbursement, as well as an optional national road side assistance program.

Please consult with your local dealer regarding various limits of liability associated with the term selection you are most interested in.


The Enhanced program includes all coverages found in the Essential program, with quite a few enhancements.

First, we have chosen to begin covering the most critical components of your air conditioning system. Your system's compressor, compressor clutch, and condenser are just a few that we will mention here.

With the Enhanced program, you will also begin to receive select component coverage from your vehicles electrical system, to include: alternator, starter motor, voltage regulator, oxygen sensors, map sensors, mass airflow sensor, and throttle position sensor.

Your fuel system will receive necessary coverage in its fuel pump, fuel injection pump, and metal fuel delivery lines. Your vehicle's steering system will also receive coverage.

If your vehicle happens to be O.E.M. turbo/super-charged, coverage can be acquired with the Enhanced program.

Your brake system will now receive necessary coverage to all major components, including: wheel speed sensors, and A.B.S. electronic control processor.

Your suspension system will receive coverage for most major components including: upper and lower control arms, ball joints, and wheel bearings.

Your cooling system coverage has been enhanced to now cover its major electrical components.

Your drive axle coverage has been enhanced to now cover axle shafts, propeller shaft, constant velocity joints, and drive shaft center support bearings.

Finally, your Enhanced program takes coverage one step further by including twenty-four-hour national road side assistance, rental car reimbursement, and a vehicle diagnosis feature.


The Comprehensive program includes all coverages found in both the Essential and Enhanced programs, as well as a comprehensive group of additions, and previous coverage upgrades.

With the Comprehensive program you will find enhancements in the areas of: air conditioning components, brake components, cooling system components, drive axle components, and external engine components.

One of the standout features of the Comprehensive program is our increased coverage of electrical system components. Components such as all manual operating switches, engine control unit (E.C.U.), powertrain control module (P.C.M.), and cruise control assembly are just a few of the major upgrades now covered. On the lighter side of your vehicles electrical system, wiper modules, delay switches, washer fluid pumps, power trunk release motors, and stop lamp break switches are just a few that are covered.

Oh, and by the way, have no fear, your trunk and hood struts/hinges are now covered.

Another standout feature is our improved fuel system coverage. Your fuel system will now enjoy coverage in the areas of your fuel tank, gas/diesel fuel injectors, and fuel pressure regulator.

Pick up one of our brochures, and read about our steering system, and suspension component upgrades. Your single O.E.M. turbo/super charger is now covered, at no additional cost.

Our final standout feature for this program is our comprehensive electronics coverage: B.A.P. sensors, cam position sensors, coolant level sensors, crankshaft position sensors, front and rear parking assist sensors, fuel level sensors, fuel injector sensors, heated oxygen sensors, intake air temperature sensors, knock sensors, oil temperature sensors, neutral and park position sensors, P.F.E. sensors, pressure sensors (H.V.A.C.), ride height sensors, coolant temperature sensors, temperature sending unit sensors, throttle position sensors, and vehicle speed sensors are all now part of your Comprehensive coverage package.


Our Exclusionary program is offered to select vehicles with less than eighty thousand odometer miles.

This program gives you our greatest dynamic of coverage, coupled with our best selection for worry free driving. This program includes all coverages from the Essential, Enhanced, and Comprehensive programs, as well as all covered components of your manufactures basic warranty, except any components listed in the What Is Not Covered section of our contract.

*Please remember that the coverages described on this page are summary, and can be explored at a much greater depth by contacting your local dealer, and requesting one of our brochures. If you are not certain where to find a dealer, simply contact our offices, and we will gladly accommodate your needs.